Product Info
INDOMILK Sterilized Milk is a sterile ready to drink product, packed in transparent plastic bottles. It is formularized for kids who are in primary growing stage at age 3 to 12 year old. This product is rich in nutrition that is important for your bones, known as Triple Bone Care (Calcium, Phosphor, and Vitamin D) plus Kolin. INDOMILK Sterilized Milk is also rich in Vitamin A, B1, B6 and D3 that can help the nutrition fulfillment every day. These vitamins and minerals are important for your kids’ physical growth and development.

INDOMILK Sterilized Milk is more than just a nutritional product, it is also a favorite amongst children and family. Thanks to our INDOMILK researchers, we can now indulge ourselves with numerous tasty flavors that make drinking milk more fun and enjoyable.

Without using any synthetic preservative, we found a more natural way of preserving this product’s freshness. The solution is a high temperature heating method that aims to kill microorganism in the milk adds with air-proof packaging to lengthen the product’s life span until its expiry date passed.

INDOMILK Sterilized Milk is available in single packaging and Multi packaging that contains 4 bottles of milk – come in handy and economical value. Each of our packaging comes with sterile straw to keep its cleanliness.

You can find INDOMILK Sterilized Milk in any hypermarket, supermarket, mini market, street vendor, school canteen, bus terminal, station, port, and even traditional market all over Indonesia. Give your children their daily supply of INDOMILK Sterilized Milk to keep them healthy and smiley because,

“Healthy kids are mighty!”

Flavors Availability:
Vanilla Ice Cream.

Packaging: 195 ml